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Top 10 Special Gifts For Bloggers to Celebrate Valentine Day!

Valentine is coming up soon! It is the best time of the year to celebrate love and friendship. You can show your appreciation toward people that you care about by exchanging present. If your soulmate is a blogger, they may expect something unique related to their profession. Fortunately, this article will provide you with a unique list of gifts for bloggers!

I have been a professional blogger for 3 years. Sometimes, I wish I have certain accessories to improve my productivity. Consequently, I would like to disclose my opinion on the best valentine gifts for bloggers! The following items will be an excellent present for special people in your life! They also happen to be in my wish list, so here we go!

Valentine gifts for bloggers

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Relaxing Desk Decoration as Valentine Gifts for Bloggers 

Having a tidy and organized desk is a factor that will increase productivity. Keeping a comfortable working environment is essential to keep your imagination fresh. The following items will be suitable to decorate your boyfriend or girlfriend table!

1. Reversible Cat Plushie for Blogger Girlfriend

Reversible cat plushie for girlfriend

Having a relaxed mind is the key to be a productive writers. If you are feeling fresh, words will flow effortlessly. Items that can encourage relaxation are ideal valentine gifts for bloggers. For your girlfriend, you can get her this super adorable Reversible Black & White Cat Plushie. The doll is palm-sized and she can turn it inside out to show a different mood. The black cat mode can glow in the dark!

2. Adorable Sticker for Laptop and Computer

sticker for valentine gift

Having a cute stickers on your laptop will certainly reduce your stress level. It is definitely the most affordable way to decorate your blogging equipment. You can stick this adorable stickers collection on your boyfriend's desk, notebook, or CPU unit! The sweet design will remind your soulmate that it is okay to take a break for awhile and relax.

3. Iron Man Action Figure For a Desk Buddy

iron man mk 42 action figure as valentine gift for blogger

Having an action figure as a desk decoration is an excellent idea! It provides you with a companion that will tirelessly watch over you while you blog. One of the best figurines that you can buy is this detailed Iron Man Mk. 42! The miniature replica is very well-crafted and features multiple joints for cool poses.  And so, this item will be an excellent Valentine day present for your loved ones who enjoy Marvel.

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Valentine Gifts for Bloggers to Improve Their Productivity 

Better hardware can dramatically improve your blogging productivity. Valentine day is the perfect time to upgrade your blogging equipment. The following items will be suitable presents for your soulmate who is working hard every day!

1. Comfortable Keyboard for Fast Typing

microsoft surface keyboard as special valentine gift for bloggers

Microsoft Surface WS2-00025 series, is apparently one of the most comfortable keyboards in the world! Tech experts seem to always mention this model whenever they talk about ergonomic keyboards. The hardware does look elegant and I bet I could type faster with it without hurting my wrists! Get one now as a special valentine gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend! 

2.  Affordable Laptop Cooling Pad

cooling pad as velentine gift for bloggers

Blogging for a long duration can be strenuous for your laptop. Based on my personal experience, it will heat up faster when you open multiple browser tab during keyword research. Processing thousands of words for content will test your hardware. And so, a cooling pad is an essential accessories for bloggers. For a special valentine gift, you can get this pad by Liangstar store. It features 6 red fans!

3. Cute Desk Lamp

Adorable desk lamp for bloggers

Eyes are precious irreplaceable organ that we often take for granted. Bloggers, especially, should pay attention to their sights! You need adequate lighting for your desk to ensure healthier eyesight. For a valentine gift, you can get this super Cute Cat Desk Lamp! It comes with adjustable light intensity and integrated pen holder for extra organization. 

4. Pink Laptop Bags as Special Gifts for Bloggers 

pink laptop bag for female blogger

Valentine is a day for hugs and kisses! If your girlfriend is a blogger, she will absolutely treasure this pink laptop bag. It has a minimalist design that permeates loveliness.  The bag will look good on your girlfriend. She will enjoy the ultra-comfortable strap. Inside, there are extra compartments to hold small accessories. This item will allow your precious girlfriend to carry her blogging laptop everywhere!

5. Laptop Table for Bed With Tilting Function

A laptop table has to be one of the most practical valentine gifts for bloggers. The SAIJI laptop table will allow you to blog from the comfort of your cozy bed. The tabletop can be tilted for comfier blogging position. In addition, it comes with sliding laptop stopper so your device can stay still. The surface can be easily cleaned and the height of the table is adjustable. I definitely need one of these.

6. Kobo E-reader for Bloggers

kobo libra 2 e-reader for blogger

The best way to find inspiration for new content is through reading a lot of books. Nowadays, it is easier to consume information digitally. Reading book via e-reader is the way to go. The device is optimized to provide text clarity and enjoyable reading experiences. The Kobo Libra 2 is one of the best e-readers that you can buy for a gift!

7. Business Card Holders As Gifts for Bloggers 

Business Card Holder for Bloggers

A valentine present usually comes in small sizes. They shouldn't have to be too expensive. For your blogger soulmate, you may want to consider this stylish business card holder. Of course, professional bloggers should own business card! (I have not made one yet though). The container is made out of metal and features magnetic lid. It comes in many colors. Truly, a perfect gift to celebrate love!

Now that you have seen the items, which one will you buy? They are all excellent valentine gifts for bloggers! Shop now! 

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