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5 Unique Manga to Read on Valentine Day

If you are single, reading unique manga on Valentine's Day is not the worst thing that you can do. It will distract you from the fact that you are sad and miserable. Don't worry, I am not being sarcastic right now because I am currently single too. Just take your mind off from the real world and immerse yourself in the stories.

The following manga are all completed. They feature unique art styles and storytelling. Furthermore, they are not long, less than 15 volumes. So, you can finish all of them in one sitting.

5 Unique Manga to Read on Valentine Day

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#1 Magi no Okurimono

unique manga to read on valentine

We start the list with my favorite romance manga. Magi no Okurimono or The Gift of The Magi tells the story of a man and a (dead) girl who try to find a closure. It is tragic, sad, and beautiful. Even though it is just one volume, the story will fill your heart with a lot of emotions. On top of that, the art style is superb. If you love detailed drawings, this one will be up on your list too.

 #2 Hikari no Machi

Hikari no Machi unique manga

Asano Inio's works will always hit you on the right spot, especially if you enjoy realism. Hikari no Machi or The City of Light is my favorite story written and drawn by this author. The manga-ka skillfully plays with raw emotion and portrays actual people doing their best to live. The chapters may seem disjointed at first, but they are all connected in one way or another. This title truly captures the essence of the slice of life genre.

#3 Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou manga to celebrate valentine

"Mono no Aware" is a specific feeling that you'll get when you read Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (YKK). Beauty in impermanence vibes is intense with this classic manga. The story tells the life of an immortal android who lives in a seaside cafe. She observes the passage of time as humanity is fading away. If you are lonely on Valentine's Day, this manga will not fail to cheer you up. It's very immersive! YKK is the most beautiful thing I've ever read, a true masterpiece.

#4 Koe no Katachi - A Silent Voice

Koe no Katachi - unique manga to read on valentine

Here is another romance manga to celebrate your lonely Valentine's Day. However, Koe no Katachi is super unique. The manga tells the story of a former bully and a deaf girl. A story that puts emphasis on disability is rare. It is very emotional. Some of the chapters are also very depressing and dark. It does not shy away from portraying mental health issues and suicide. I like this manga a lot because it is far from cliche. Of course, I also enjoy the meaningful story, you'll love it too.

#5 Emma

unique manga for valentine

A romantic story during the Victorian era has to be unusual! If you want to read something unique and different, Emma is your friend. The story is about a forbidden relationship between a beautiful maid and her young master. It sounds like a classic soap opera, and it does play out like that. However, the manga format is able to keep the story fresh and entertaining. The art is beautifully drawn and features some interesting details. If you love romance, you should definitely give Emma a try.

Happy Valentine everyone! Whether you are with your partner or on your own, I wish you all a good day!

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