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Top 10 Activities That Bloggers Should Do In January

SofanMax - New year has come, and let's celebrate 2022 with productive activities to improve our blogs! January is the best month to evaluate our websites' strengths and weaknesses. This way, we can carry on forward this year with much better performances. And so, I have compiled a short but undoubtedly helpful list of 10 activities for bloggers to do in January.

Bloggers to do list!

1. Check your Search Console to assess blog performance

Google Search console should be a mandatory tool to be mastered by every aspiring blogger. It is a fundamental tool that allows you to determine how well your blog is doing. Check the coverage report to see if your main contents are appropriately indexed. Find out which page has the most visitors and which keywords are the most popular!

2. Set up an email subscription feature for your Blogspot websites using

Have you upgraded your blog's email subscription? Don't forget that is no longer using Feedburner's automatic email newsletter service. It is time for you to leave Feedburner behind and move on to! It offers a free and reliable email subscription for your loyal blog readers. Register now and use the super cheap premium version for extra features.

3. Check Your AdSense Revenue

How was your AdSense Revenue last year? Check the Active view viewable percentage, impression, CPC, and perhaps set up a blocking control! You can also learn to set up customized responsive ad sizes for optimal performance. Tweaking the AdSense setting is definitely one of the most productive activities for Blogger in January!

4. Learn How to Write Based on SEO Principles

There are various activities for Bloggers to do in January! One of them is learning SEO writing. Basically, this method aims to create an article that can be read by a machine. The Google algorithm will have an easier time detecting, analyzing, and ranking your article if they are optimized for search engines. Obviously, you also have to optimize it for human readers. You should always pay attention to humans and machines when you create content. 

5. Update Your Blogger Template

Are you looking for a new blogger theme? Most modern blogger themes nowadays are mobile-friendly and load very fast. January is a great time to upgrade if you are still on the classic template. You can also try custom premium templates such as Fletro Pro or iMagz for a performance boost!

6. Publish Your First Article of the Year in January

The essence of blogging is writing. Bloggers should not be lazy to create a new article! Now that we are entering a new year, you should be more consistent with your content production. Let's go publish your first article of the year today! If you are still chasing that sweet AdSense income, regular posting in 2022 will elevate your revenue.

7. Update Old Articles 

Do you have old articles that are no longer relevant? Things are constantly changing, including information. Perhaps your article was the hottest tutorial on the internet. However, things may be different now. Go upgrade your old article to stay fresh! Instead of letting old content died, it is always beneficial to update it with new information.

8. Change Blogspot Domain to Custom Domain

Are you looking to compete with a big-time publisher? Then changing your Blogspot domain should be your main priority this year. A custom domain offers more versatile branding opportunities. For bloggers who like to improve their website's commercial value, a custom domain is necessary. 

9. Set up Google Analytics

For bloggers with hundreds or thousands of visitors per day, adding Google Analytics will help you analyze your visitor's behavior. You can also check the performance of your blog through bounce rate, visiting time, comparative analysis, and so on!

10. Back Up Your Blog Content

Did you know that you can back up your content on This platform is owned by Google, so you do not have to worry about lost data. Nevertheless, it is always prudent to own a personal copy of your content. If Google shut this service, or if you somehow make a fatal error, you still have a good copy of your content. You can back up your old template as well!

Now that you have learned about essential bloggers' activities in January, you will be ready to implement them. Among the top 10 activities, which one would you like to do first? Let me know in the comment section!

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