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Git Vs Github understanding and Advancement on them!

Hi, Well come to Fahad Hussain Free Computer Education!
As a Computer Scientist I always prefer to express my knowledge 
around the globe FREE. A lot of tool, software and application are 
being used around the globe and we are using this according to
the market trend and need. GIT AND GITHUB in one of them.
I know many folks know about the usage and definition But 
I personally observed many person don’t know about the 
and many of developer even failed to express their word in term
of differences, but they are using this.

So, in this Article we are going to understand the
So, Let’s understand…

       As a developer or programmer often time we need to share our code with our team member to make your project more perfect according to the demand. For this we used to use Google Drive and related cloud base software when we update or change the previous code but here is no option to Version Control on it  we just replace the code and finally we lost the existing code which were be the part of your project before. To secure the previous code and capability to control the version GIT and GITHUB are being used in the IT industries these days.
I am pretty sure many of you know about GitHub and also you are user of it but only few of them know about the difference between Git and Github!

So what are they?
Why we use it?
What are the differences between them?
And can we survive in IT field without this technology?

       In this Article we going to get the answer of these most frequently asked question which has been asked in interview as well.

But first we need to understand the word Version Control

Version Control:

          Let’s consider 3 person are working on project and these three doing work on JavaScript file at the same time, unwilling they made the function by the same name but different in work. When the code merge it is an obstacle thing to identify the error in less time. In industry point of view TIME IS MONEY, and if you expend more time to find an error what will be the max time to make a whole project? So a Version Control who enable us to control the version and keep track the changes in the file time to time and finally make it repository. Also the feature to come back to previous it provides. A repository (folder) is central place where the records are saved in the organized way. A way of this Version control is really helpful for big project where the numerous of person do work on the same project.

Let’s see the practice example of Version control in industrial work.

We were finding that kind of system which make our work easier, for this we are using Version Control System. The picture demonstrate the concept of Version Control using three broad way Time, project and DataBase. Time creates the basic history when any developer submit the code using Version Control in the Project were DataBase (VCS) hold the history of the file including the developer comment (which type of work has been done by him/her). By using VCS we can see the previous file and also another file which has been modified by another developer which make our work easier and faster and easy to compare. 


It’s a version Control System also a software, which mange your source code history in your computer. It has been designed by Linus Torvalds, after the frustrated with the past proprietary software, as like other version control like subversion or CVS it is similar. It is best system when you are working on your own project and you need to find the history of you project it will provide stunning service. For getting this service we need to install in on your machine.
It is also called DISTRIBUTED VERSION CONTROL SYSTEM means using this system we can apply different operation like push and pull in other’s user machine. Git provides to access the same file’s copy as your project’s member, But it does not reflect any changes in the main directory unless or unless you applied any operation like push and pull on it. The basic benefits of Git: 

            Free and Open Source
            Fast & Small
            Easier Branching

 Now a days, numerous of developers are used Git in different organization to build their own project. As a picture demonstrate us the latest trend of Git usage in the market and showing it popularity. Ahead from 2005 the Git grow its market through it version control system and including America and related country, it’s important in term of usage and saving time.
          Actually GitHub is a hosting service for Git Repositories and it is service for the project that use Git. UI of Github make it more attractive for user. Github is used to get connection with Git and allows user to save their code not in your local machine as like Git, it provide you to save your code online also give access to connect with different user/developer on different project. Its provide bug tracing, feature request and task management. In simple word we can say that Github provide us the collaboration tool which provide the connection between users/developer and also them to share their ideas according to their project. It is not end of Github features, Moreover, the additional features make Github more attractive and get attention form developer/users. Let’s discuss.

Pull: When you are going to make changes in your code, and you done it and copied. Now, you want share it like original order, you need pull command this command send a notification of changes.  
Push: commit make on your local branch to a remote repo. It has two argument, a remote name like origin, a branch name, like master.
Fork: Also called forking, when the user has not access to write, he/she fork (copy) the repository from other user account. Now he/she can make changes on it in local machine.
Merge: by using this command user merge the active file with previous file only who is the owner of the code where did he makes changes.

Basic comparison:

Work like as a software
Whereas Github is a service (online)
Need to install on the local machine
Whereas Github hosted on web.
Support command line tool
Whereas Github provides UI for their user
Using Git we can manage different version for Git repo.
There is a space to upload copy of the git repo.

I am hopeful this Article will be beneficial for you!
If you have any query regarding the topic
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