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Download Fiksioner v4 Now! New Update on the Best FREE Blogger Template of the Year!

Fiksioner v4 is finally here folks! Yes! The best truly free Blogger template has just got an update!

There are tons of websites that claim to offer free Blogger themes out there. But did you know that most of them are actually not free? These so-called "free" Blogger templates are actually "freemium," meaning that while you can download them for free, many of the good features are locked behind the paywall.

In other words, they are just demo versions. You'll have to pay for the premium version if you want the full functionality. In fact, most free versions are throttled, having a much slower speed and worse SEO! But it's not the case when it comes to Igniel's Fiksioner v4! It is free, and you get the full feature!

Here, I shall delve deeper into this fantastic template and share why you should use it for your Blogspot or Blogger websites!

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Fiksioner v4 versus Fiksioner v3

Fiksioner v4 free blogger theme
A new Fiksioner update just dropped! Get it now!

I'm sure those of you who have tried Fiksioner v3 will have positive opinions on this theme/template. In fact, I, too, share the same sentiment. It was my favorite free theme of all time! However, version 3.0 was released on September 1st, 2020, three years ago, making it a very dated Blogger template.

While the good old Fiksioner v3 still works well, you will notice that a lot of the features have been deprecated. For instance, the subscription widget and the share buttons may no longer work as intended. Some of you may also encounter bugs with the image thumbnails. Also, it may load slower because the code is older.

Blogger has undergone a drastic modernization for the past couple of years. Fiksioner v3, which came out 3 years ago, has become utterly obsolete and broken in some parts. The v4 comes with much-needed updates that address new Blogger changes!

The new Fiksioner v4 is, without a doubt, fresher and much, much faster! While the v3 was quite revolutionary back in the day, thanks to its non-blocky-looking modern design, it was prone to visual glitches. The new Fiksioner v4 free blogger theme is immaculate compared to its predecessor!

So, if you are still running the old version, I implore you to update as soon as possible to enjoy the full benefits of the new version.

Why should you use Fiksioner v4 as your Blogspot template?

Fiksioner v4 Core web vitals and page experience
Fiksioner v4 is still incredibly fast even with AdSense enabled!

As I've implied above, there are a lot of pros when it comes to the new Fiksioner v4.

The first obvious advantage is that it literally costs you $0! Yet, this template delivers a lot of value. It can even put some premium templates to shame, surprisingly.

The code is very neatly written by Miss Igniel herself, making it very fast to load, even with ads enabled. Potentially, Fiksioner v4 may provide a better page experience and core web vitals!

The newly reworked Fiksioner v4 has the following advantages:

  • Major upgrades on its HTML, CSS, and structured data codes, making the theme more efficient and effective in delivering content.
  • Dark mode is here! Not many free Blogger themes have this function, yet Fiksioner offers it without a cost!
  • The Preconnect meta tag allows your page to load super fast! This feature is usually locked behind a premium paywall, yet Fiksioner gives it for free!
  • Much seamless image lazy loading performance that also makes your website loads faster! Most free themes will not have something this fancy, yet here we go!
  • Comprehensive meta tag customization that allows Google to crawl your website more efficiently. Yet it is another fancy premium feature that you get for free in Fiksioner v4!
  • Efficient and visually pleasing automatic related posts! Now, this feature worked well in v3, but in v4, it is more tidy!
  • Pre-installed ad position for those of you who want to monetize your blog! You can integrate Adsense code more efficiently in this theme now!
  • Even with AdSense on, Fiksioner v4 can still have an outstanding Pagespeed Score above 50!
  • Highly customizable with the built-in Blogger Theme Designer! For most free Blogger themes, you won't be able to customize them. But Fiksioner v4 gives you that freedom with zero cost!
  • Schema markup, breadcrumbs, and valid structured data that improve your SEO performance! These things are hidden yet advanced SEO features that are only available in the best Blogspot themes.
  • Mobile-friendly!
  • Simple yet elegant!
  • It is super easy to install and customize the layout.
  • The Twitter logo is now updated to X!

I have highlighted the most notable advantages of Fiksioner v4. There are, of course, tons of other benefits that you will get from this template. You'll have to try it yourself to get to know all of them!

You can also check the demo website or my SolarSEO blog (as of September 2023) to see what the Fiksioner v4 live preview looks like when it's implemented fully.

Is Fiksioner v4 really 100% free?

YES! You can download and use Fiksioner v4 on your website for free! You will get all the benefits that I've mentioned above free of charge. If you are new to Blogger and blogging in general, I highly recommend Fiksioner v4 to up your game!

However, please note that the free Fiksioner v4 version has an unremovable link credit in the footer that says the designer name,! 

If you wish to remove the credit footer, you'll have to purchase a cheap license for IDR 100,000 (less than 10 USD). Please note that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the paid/premium version and the free version other than the credit footer. You get 100% functionality either way.

So, if you can tolerate the credit footer (which is absolutely small and relatively unnoticeable), you can use the Fiksione v4 for free! It will not affect your website whatsoever. But, if you want to remove it or if you want to support the fantastic developer, just buy the cheap license. It's worth it, and I recommend it!

How to Download Fiksioner v4

Head to website and search for the Fiksioner theme! On the Fiksioner page, check the right sidebar and scroll down to find the download button in the lower right section. You can also follow this Google Drive link directly to download it. 

You will receive a zip file containing the theme that you can extract and install on your website.

Is Fiksioner v4 Easy to Install?

Absolutely easy! However, as far as I know, there is no official English language documentation yet. But it's very intuitive to set up. If you want the full guide in English, I can translate it for you! 

Comment below if you want an article about the comprehensive English tutorial on installing and customizing the Fiksioner v4 free Blogger theme!

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Fiksioner v4 Weaknesses

Just like its predecessor, the Fiksioner v4 still uses the floating drop-down menu on its mobile layout. Most websites nowadays use a hamburger menu that can slide in and out for mobile, making it a better UI/UX because such a menu is easier to click.

However, I think this so-called weakness is perhaps simply just my preference.

Another thing that you may want to take note of! Fiksioner v4 is quite simplistic in its look and kind of flat compared to modern websites. Although this simple design does make visitors more focused on the content. It's also lightweight and super fast to load! But I do understand that it may not be as aesthetically pleasing for some people because it may be too plain.

Moreover, I am reluctant to call the unremovable credit footer on the free version as a weakness. I think that it's only appropriate for us, people who use the incredible Fiksioner v4 for free, to give credit to its designer, miss Igniel!

Performance-wise, there is not much to complain about here! It's free, so I don't think these minor shortcomings are a big deal!

My Verdict on Fiksioner v4

Bloggers who want to advance their blogging skills need to try Fiksioner v4! As beginners, you may not want to purchase fancy premium themes yet. Premium themes like Fletro Pro, iMagz, or Igniplex are incredibly good, but they can be overwhelming. 

In that case, Fiksioner v4, with its full features and zero cost, will be a good stepping stone for you! You can practice with this free theme while also experimenting with the premium features available at no cost at all!

And even for professional bloggers, Fiskioner v4 is also a great backup template that will be useful if you want to expand your blogs. It is very cost-effective, literally zero dollars, and can be effective as well as competitive!

So, get Fiksioner v4 free blogger template now to enjoy a lightning-fast blogging experience!

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