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Data Scientist VS Data Analyst

Hi everyone! Hope you will fine all. I always prefer to write post on
basic definition and difference between or among of those critical
and related word which is running on the globe in the form of
job/title/of AI base concept related using simple and basic approach.
 In the previous Article 
tried to make you understand about the differences between R
and Python in term of comparison if you did not read it first you
read it Python VS R Latest Trend in the Market. Now, in this Article
we are going to understand the difference between in the most
growing field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Scientist VS Data Analyst.

Data Science:

      As name suggest Data Science, where Science (methods) has been applied on data to purify it and get useful data on it. It is under big domain in which different scientific methods and tools apply. For instance mathematics, statistics and other related tools which deal to solve the data sets. These methods extract the knowledge from data. Not only these tools capable them to deal with the data extraction only also for big data handling. In the Data Science field Data Scientist is one of the sexiest job (field) these days, as Data Scientist, he gathered data sets from multi disciples and compiles it, then apply deep learning and machine on it to predict and analysis the data in sufficient form.
       The most growing job from data science field is Data Scientist and Data Analyst, let’s understand the differences and responsibilities between them and get to know how they are related and depend on each other.

Who is Data Scientist?

       A word data means fact and figure, a person who is working on data, understand the data according to the field of business and industries point of view by using different technique especially mathematical model and statistic is called a Data Scientist. These techniques boost the scientist to extract knowledge insight form the existing data in different forms similar to data mining (structure and unstructured form).
The roles of Data Scientist further divided into Four (04) parts (roles) according to their skills.
Data Business people
Data Developers
Data Researcher
Data Creatives

Who is Data Analyst?

      As name suggest Data Scientist, Data Analyst works! But as Data Analyst the person responsible to transforming, cleansing, and modeling the data for the purpose of getting useful information from the data. Also Data Analyst handle new data to find the latest trends on it which is helpful for the data scientists.
The roles of Data Analyst further divided into Four (04) parts (roles) according to their skills.
Database Administrators
Data Architects
Analytics Engineer

Comparison of Data Scientist and Data Analyst in term of skills

Data Scientist
Data Analyst
As a Data Scientist he/she should know the languages like R, Python, SAS, Matlab and also related languages need to learn.
As a Data Analyst he/she should know the languages like HTML, Javascript, R, and related languages.
In database should know SQL and Hive.
In database should know SQL and Hive in-depth to analysis.
Visualization of data and expounding business stories to others teams in the organization.
Specialization tool like Qlikview, Tableau, MSBi.
Here he/she required Machine learning concept.
There is no necessary of it.
Recently the salary graph is higher than Data Analyst.
Here salary graph is lower than Data Science.

Job Trend of Data Science VS Data Analyst:

       The salary (average) for a Data Scientist is around $117,000 whereas for Data Scientist it would be $62,000. However, despite considering many differences between the job titles, one cannot be successful without the other as we considered it before.
The Graph demonstrate the job and salary growth of them!

Hope you will get right information about DataSciencist VS DataAnayst! 
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