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Controlling Nikon D40


This time lets try the other brand of camera (Nikon D40X ) and it will be coming from someone who is willing to sponsor for the curiosity of this test.I have mentioned it for the past few weeks and hey the camera just arrived this Friday(May 6,2011 Note::-Pacqiao and Mosely fight can't wait to see it; then Sir Edwin 'Son baptism -Ninong ako..) am so excited to test the scanning software and see if something could happen so different (Canon Vs Nikon)

RoBook Scanner beta-release
Nikon D40X
PC -Fedora OS

To test D40X in our scanning software and see some extra features:


Detail(1)Oh my.. I have a plenty of them

Detail(2) Nikon D40X ready to shoot

Detail(3) Turn off the light and see the working settings

Detail(4) Yes! Its been detected

Detail(5)Lets check gphoto2 first

Detail(6) Let's see what we can tweak(gphoto2 --list-config)

Detail(7) Menu setup (MTP/PTP)

Detail(8) Capture output focusing just the sjubject

Detail(9) Video of controlling D40X


First of all many thanks to Sir Edwin for lending me his personal Camera (Nikon D40X) that I will be using in this test.(..again thanks Sir!)

With the observations I'd experienced , just a little modification for the scanning software then its ready to accommodate all brands of cameras.


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