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Computer Vision

I always prefer to write Article in simple and easy way to understand the fast
growing concept in the globe. In the concept of these, I wrote many of concept
of AI related before. You can read all of them from my blog (POPULAR POST) 
option. As far as concern about the Computer vision it also the part of AI, 
and a lot of research is going on this. In this Article we are going to understand
 about in very easy and simple way.
I also insist you to attempt the quiz which is present in the last of Article.

First word

       Computer Vision derived from Artificial intelligence and Computer science, this concept giving the virtual concept of the world in the form of images understanding! Would that Computer can see and observe, it is the dream of past where our desire to do our computer work as like human after seeing the object. But in this modern world it’s become true in the form of Computer Vision.
So, what is Computer Vision?
How does it work?
From these and related question arise in our mind.

       In this Article we are going to understand the concept of Computer Vision from basic introduction
Let’s assume I give you an image in which different living and nonliving things are present, as human we can easily identify the human and animal also others nonliving thing like floor, wall, frame and others which is represent in the background of the image.  Also we can write a complete novel on it after observing the image from depth.
      The Concept of understanding the image and identify the character on it, is called Computer Vision.  Actually it the concept of seeing the computer as like human, using this concept we are trying to make computer intelligent as like human to identify the character from images.

How does it work!

Using three basic component computer vision does it work with digital images.
Image acquisition
Image processing
Image analysis and understanding
The flow diagram of these process:

Let’s understand these three individually.

Image acquisition

Image acquisition is the process of translating the analog world around us into binary data composed of zeros and ones, interpreted as digital images.
In the process of image acquisition we convert the analog image into binary data which composed it into 0’s and 1’s, like digital images.
For this process different tools have been used
Like webcam, digital camera, modern DSLR, 3D cameras, laser related camers.

Image processing

In the part of image processing, image is changed into geometrical element to build and show the basic structure of the images or object using low level processing. For basic understand if you used the PHOTOSHOP you did this work many time using different option on it. We used this effect on our images but we don’t know about them. Actually these  happened on it using advance mathematical algorithm and the images processing effect.
Few of these techniques are:
1. Edge detection
2. Segmentation
3. Classification
4. Feature detection and matching

Edge detection

Feature detection and matching

Image analysis and understanding

Computer vision last step is identify the object from data, where machine finally take the decision in term of output using advance algorithm. The step complete their work using previous steps (image date, and low level information).
High-level image analysis are:
1. 3D scene mapping
2. Object recognition
3. Object tracking

3D scene mapping

Object recognition

Object tracking

Applications of computer vision

In the field of computer science, AI, robotics, human-computer interaction and images visualization different application are doing their work, few of are:

Horizon with Computer Vision 
Diseases identification using Computer vision
Image restoration such as denoising
Computer Vision on the Horizon
Motion recognition

Computer Vision in Industrial Preventative Maintenance
Augmented reality
Autonomous cars

Thanks for reading, I am hopeful it is very informative for you. It's also good thing for you after ready to attempt the quiz, TRY IT TO UNDERSTAND YOU KNOWLEDGE. Do and understand about your knowledge.

Well Come to Quiz

WellCome to Quiz :)
Comptuer vision means?
Computer see as like human
Computer behave as like human
Computer work as like human
Computer vision is derived from AI
None of them
How many component are using in Comptuer vision?
In which component analog world convert into digital images?
Image acquisition with pixel
Image acquisition
Image processing
Original image convert into geometical shape using?
Image processing
Image acquisition
Image acquisition with pixel
Identification of images using?
Image analysis and understanding
Image analysis
Image acquisition with pixel
In which software we can use different option which is related to computer vision?
Virtual effect
which is not the example of computer vision application?
Autonomous cars
Motion recognition
which is the example of computer vision application?
Machine learning
Deep learing
Autonomous cars
Classification is used to identify the character from image?
None of them

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