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Business Events and Date format in Flow

Business Events formats Dates in the Microsoft JSON format, e.g. "EventTime": "/Date(1560839609000)/"
I wish it was in ISO8601 standard e.g. "2019-06-18T05:40Z".

Below is what I did using Flow.

First get the integer part of the string by using the replace function.
Function: int(replace(replace('/Date(1560839609000)/','/Date(',''), ')/', ''))
Output: 1560839609000

To format into date.
Function: addseconds('1970-1-1', Div(1560839609000,1000) , 'yyyy-MM-dd')
Output: 2019-06-18

To format into datetime.
Function: addseconds('1970-1-1', Div(1560839609000,1000) , 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss')
Output: 2019-06-18 06:33:29

Using an online converter I am able to validate my output.

After that, you can use the Date Time string to or formatDateTime function.

For the developers out there. Newtonsoft is great for working with dates and supports both formats. Have a look at this link for a bit more info.

If you have a better way of handling dates. Please let me know.

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