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A simple Robot Vision

Machine Vision is one of the challenging Robotic application making a robots more intelligent to interact in its environment. Perhaps,the most complicated task is the technique or the skills' required to put Artificial Intelligence in the eye of a robot.The presentations will change its views about the complexities of having a robot eye, instead; it would give the most basic and simple approach with materials that is already present in your stuffs.

It is almost a decade that I started my personal machine vision research and I had made some successful attempts but not quite well to be proud of. I was then using my USB logitech camera(quick cam express so I got a usb version 1.X to be precised) which I had purchase then to one of my friends -perhaps he wanted to replace a new one . Another stuffs I had were the disassembled CPUs: P1 ;well I guess a socket 7 type of mother board with the installed Windows 98 operating sysem and a PII (450 Mhz) Hitachi running on Windows Millennium platforms .

As an electronics hobbyist, after I would lost my enthusiasm about robotics , its locomotion,embedded sensors and sort of AI applications. I turned to get more wandered of putting an eye to a robot (BEAM legged robot). So ,I started then searching these terms: robotic eye , machine vision and stereoscopic vision and lucky enough to find the following sites:, and a blog name " nullgel" but now I couldn't trace back the site and some of the machine vision url domain are not even maintained today.Maybe those authors had change change their research views or interest or upgraded their sites to a new URL domain (wish I could browse it again).Take note I was in the province at that time so how could you imagine purchasing those materials -really hard and disappointing.

Well ,that was my story , and I am again a little bit encourage to continue this hobby for a lot of reasons: First, wow amazing!, a very cheap dou-core CPU which will not even bother me about its image processing speed.Another is the availability of surplus web cameras with higher resolutions and a lot of features.

So where do I begin?Its almost a couple of years when I got stuck on so many hectic project's assignment and personal afflictions(long story to tell..) and recently finished it all the way. Here I am again, happy and very much excited about the opportunity to have time for my hobby now. Robotic eye ,machine vision ,AI ,dsp or Image processing it is going to rumble again!
It was early of this year that I browsed all the resources available on the net,not only that I keep on reminding my office mates " Hey I wanna buy your old junk web cameras" though they are hesitant they cannot resist because of my too much insistence(an annoying reminder for them) or just don't know if they are patience enough or having pity on me. Anyway,I had replace those camera with a new one-do you think they don like it?...Whatever I got now my web camera " Quickcam Express Logitech" period.

Now, let me approach you technically the How's and What's
Programming algorithm skills
Electronics skills
Advance Algebra skills

Generic Web Camera (Logitech)


Web Camera

Electronic vision conversion

Program visual coding

VB edge detections program

Linear Programming.

Detail() : Two pcs of Logiteck QuickCam

Detail() : The hardcore part- disassembling of web camera

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